Episode 174 – Sons of Anarchy Series Recap

Episode 174 – Sons of Anarchy Series Recap

The mafia, gangs, crime stories, police corruption … there never is an end to original stories on an old formula. When the FX show The Shield hit the airways, it broke ground with the very ambiguous morality of the characters. One of the writers of that show was a New Jersey native named Kurt Sutter. Having gained familiarity as a writer on The Shield, by season six he was named as an executive producer which gave him a foot in the door with the FX executives. As The Shield wrapped up its series, Sutter had an idea of his own. A show about a motorcycle gang that ran guns to various gangs in California. That show idea became Sons of Anarchy.

The Sons of Anarchy headed by Clay Morrow and his stepson Jax Teller are a criminal motorcycle gang working the underground gun running on the West Coast of the USA. When various powers outside their group begin to infiltrate their territory, potential wars breakout that comprise other gangs including the Mayans, the Triads, the One Niners, and various Aryan groups. Supply runs come from the Mexican drug cartels and the IRA which lead to even more trouble. And finally internal power struggles could also lead to the downfall of the so-called brotherhood.

Starring Ron Perlman of Hellboy, Charlie Hunnam of Pacific Rim, and Katey Sagal playing one of the most villainous characters on television, the show builds a suspenseful seven seasons that kept viewers wanting more weekly. Dark Discussions takes a look at the entire series. With the latest digital release of the final season of the show, your co-hosts give their final thoughts of the long running television series.

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Episode 174 - Sons of Anarchy Series Recap

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