Episode 173 – Proxy (2014)

Episode 173 – Proxy (2014)

Proxy, a very interestingly structured horror-thriller-mystery that debuted at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), was picked up by IFC and released under their IFC Midnight department. It appeared on iTunes and other VOD services in early 2014 and various critics mentioned that it felt like a very modern take on an Alfred Hitchcock film. With it’s various twists, surprising reveals, and quirky characters, the film garnered attention by both art house movie fans and genre fans alike.

When a pregnant Esther gets attacked in an alley, not only is she robbed of her money but also lands with a concussion and the loss of her child. Soon after recovering and being released from the hospital, she joins a support group for those who have lost children. There she meets Melanie, a pretty soccer mom, who lost both her son and husband to a drunk driver. The two form a common bond only to have it unravel when peculiar secrets reveal themselves. Soon Anika, a young woman who lives beyond the norm, gets involved and begins to disentangle the strange story that begins to unfold.

Picked by co-host Mike to review, Proxy is directed by Zach Parker who appears to be friendly with the group of young film makers that include Simon Barrett, Adam Wingard, Ti West, A. J. Bowen, and Joe Swanberg (who happens to be one of the stars of this film). Dark and brooding, the film with its art house feel and curious screenplay that changes the point of view of at least four different characters may not be for everyone but it is most certainly a breath of fresh air from the generic theater common to the genre fan.

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Episode 173 - Proxy (2014)

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