Episode 172 – Neil Marshall Focus: 2002’s Dog Soldiers

Episode 172 – Neil Marshall Focus: 2002’s Dog Soldiers

Werewolves and horror. It’s been a mixed bag. Some classics like the Lon Chaney Jr. Wolfman comes to mind. As does a nice revival of the monster in the early 1980’s with The Howling and An American Werewolf in London which has defined the careers of their directors (Joe Dante and John Landis respectively). Another cult classic can be added to the conversation with the Katharine Isabelle star making performance in Ginger Snaps. But another, Dog Soldiers, brought a director to the attention of many. Neil Marshall wrote and directed the 2002 film that allowed him the attention he needed to go on and direct such things as The Decent and Game of Thrones.

This British production is about a group of special forces on training out in the middle of the wilderness. Unfortunately for them, the remoteness is also the home to what may be a family of werewolves. Was it coincidence? Could such a monster actually exist? With a training mission now as an operation of survival, the soldiers lock down in an isolated cabin to fight for their lives against not just monsters but possibly a conspiracy that goes higher than their pay grade.

Back in 2014, Dark Discussions Podcast had a few polls where we listed a handful of films for listeners to choose for us to discuss. Dog Soldiers was one of them and swept away the competition. With our prior episode of the werewolf film Wer, it was time to release this episode to go hand in hand with a more modern lycanthrope film. Dog Soldiers, a minor classic, may not necessarily be Neil Marshall’s best work, but it showed the potential of what was to come from a modern genre director.

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Episode 172 - Neil Marshall Focus: 2002's Dog Soldiers

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