Episode 171 – Wer (2014)

Episode 171 – Wer (2014)

We last heard from director William Brent Bell and screenwriter Matthew Peterman with the January 2012 release of the horror film The Devil Inside. With a trailer that got a lot of buzz, the film was highly anticipated. Though not well received by critics and with an ending that left many viewers baffled (the now infamous go-to-the-internet “for more information on the ongoing investigation”), the found footage film produced for $1M USD earned a phenomenal profit of $101.8M USD.

Their follow up film continues the latest trend of werewolf movies that have been appearing within the horror genre. Wer, released in the states in September 2014, stars actress A.J. Cook and actor Simon Quarterman. The story takes place in France where an American family is brutally murdered. The suspect that is arrested is a first generation Romanian. His international team of defendants begins to believe that both xenophobia and his family’s highly desirable property may actually be the reason for his arrest and possible framing. But soon a more bizarre reality begins to form out of all the confusion.

Co-host Eric of Dark Discussions found the film on video on demand and decided to give it a viewing. What he discovered was an interesting new take on the monster we all know as the werewolf. Being a newer film, the podcast crew all rented the movie and the episode was born. Was Wer a sleeper that was missed in 2014? How does it stack up to the classics as well as the various newer lycanthropic films? Check out what your hosts have to say.

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Episode 171 - Wer (2014)

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