Episode 170 – Come Back To Me (2014)

Episode 170 – Come Back To Me (2014)

As usual, every year, there are a bunch of horror and genre films that suddenly appear that weren’t on anyone’s radar. When making lists of films that are must-sees, it’s always the big budget films or sleepers that have been playing festival circuits that come up, but every so often a little unknown film starts getting buzz and usually for the right reasons. 2014’s Come Back To Me was one of those films. Directed by Paul Leyden and based off a small press book entitled The Resurrectionist authored by Wrath James White, the film suddenly appeared on Netflix and generated a bit of discussion on the internet.

The story takes place in Las Vegas, Nevada, about a young married couple named Sarah and Josh. Soon a new neighbor moves in next door, a quiet and apparently harmless young man named Dale. As the stress of starting a family and graduating from a Master’s program at college, Sarah begins to get night terrors that simply won’t go away. With the help of her pregnant friend, Leslie, a general practitioner, she tries to work out her issues only to discover that there may be a more disturbing source for her dilemma.

Dark Discussions Podcast listed the film as not only a great horror film of 2014 but specifically as the third best of last year. Listen to what your co-hosts have to say about the film which surprised not only them but large numbers of horror fans everywhere. Once again Come Back To Me shows that small independent low budget film has been producing some of the best genre cinema these last few years.

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Episode 170 - Come Back To Me (2014)

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