Episode 166 – Found (2014)

Episode 166 – Found (2014)

When small independent productions and their aspiring directors search out ideas from small press publications, they can usually get the rights fairly cheaply. And to top that, they can also get the author to write the screenplay too. The new film, Found., was just that. The novel, written by Todd Rigney, was read by director Scott Schirmer. Schirmer then contacted Rigney and the two established a relationship and the movie was made.

Found is the story of what appears to be a fairly normal middle American family. Along with Mom and Dad, we have their two boys. Marty is about to reach his teenage years, while his big brother is now a young adult. Soon Marty finds out that his family unit may have a bigger and darker secret than anyone would ever think of. This coming-of-age story turns dark almost immediately and then leads to a tragic ending that tears down the illusion of both society and family alike.

Dark Discussions discusses this well received festival circuit film. Made on a shoestring budget of around $8,000 USD, with actors both from local community theaters and simply from random auditions, what could have been an amateurish venture, turns out to be something actually quite impressive. With its haunting soundtrack and very defining opening credit sequence, Found should be a film that would interest any fan of horror or dark dramas.

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Episode 166 - Found (2014)

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