Episode 156 – Kevin Smith Focus: 2014’s Tusk

Episode 156 – Kevin Smith Focus: 2014’s Tusk

Talent and controversy? Big mouth and oversensitive? Well, we aren’t quite sure but Kevin Smith, director and screenwriter, has been one of the most prolific cult film directors over the last twenty years. He burst onto the indy scene with his film Clerks. At the time the film was considered quite “dirty” with its graphic dialogue, and yet at the same time it was judged as a most brilliant and realistic at times depiction of young adults and their ennui.

Now, this past month, Kevin Smith has come back with his second horror film in a row. Following the mixed reviewed but well crafted Red State, his latest, entitled Tusk, is in some ways both original and yet very much a tribute to some other films of the genre. When podcaster Wallace Bryton’s trip for a story in Manitoba turns out to be a dead end, he discovers an unconventional advertisement for a rented room that leads him to Howard Howe, a man that could offer topics for dozens of shows. Yet everything is sidetracked when he becomes victim of a bite by a fiddleback spider … or maybe not?

The film stars Justin Long and Michael Parks in roles that absolutely play to their strengths as actors. The movie, broken into three distinct acts, plays around with drama, horror, and comedy and has the brilliant dialogue that Smith is well known for. However, is the film a failure or not? Would it get the attention that it has if it wasn’t directed by Smith? All these questions and more are answered by your hosts in this latest episode of Dark Discussions Podcast.

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Episode 156 - Kevin Smith Focus: 2014's Tusk

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