Episode 154 – I Saw the Devil (2014)

Episode 154 – I Saw the Devil (2014)

Written by the acclaimed director of New World, Hoon-jung Park, and directed by director Jee-woon Kim, who Quentin Tarantino considers one of today’s best talents, I Saw the Devil widely available in the United States in 2011 blew almost everyone away who likes genre films. Violent and very extreme, the film was surprisingly praised by critics since the film crossed away from its grindhouse roots to the art house.

Soo-hyun, an agent for the National Intelligence Service, gets a call from his fiancé that her car has broken down. While waiting in the snow, she is attacked and murdered by Kyung-chul (played by Oldboy’s Min-sik Choi), an active rapist and serial killer. When Soo-hyun tracks him down, rather than bringing him to justice, he decides to work outside the law and turn Kyung-chul’s life into a living hell.

Part thriller and part horror, the film ultimately is about revenge. And not just how vicious it can be but also how unrewarding and primitive it always turns out. Rated as one of the best genre films of this decade, I Saw the Devil is a bizarre unorthodox ride that is most certainly rewarding to fans of horror and thriller movies. Dark Discussions put this on a poll for the listeners as a potential episode and unsurprisingly it was one of your favorites. Though the title is somewhat misleading, the film is most certainly one hell of a ride.

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Episode 154 - I Saw the Devil (2014)

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