Episode 150B- David Fincher Focus:  1995’s Seven

Episode 150B- David Fincher Focus: 1995’s Seven

In 1993, a first time director named David Fincher was brought on to direct the third Alien film of that fabled franchise. Though the script had been rewritten numerous times, Fincher’s debut film, Alien 3, has become a cult classic and been re-evaluated as a great sci-fi thriller. Whether the director to this day still has some issues with it, the film brought him to international attention and from there on, he has been considered one of our modern masters.

His second film Seven (Se7en) is considered one of the best horror thrillers of the last 25 years. The film includes Brad Pitt in a role that would make him a star, Morgan Freeman in a role that would turn him into a leading man, and also Gwyneth Paltrow and Kevin Spacey in early and unforgettable career roles. Written by Andrew Kevin Walker, the screenplay is about retiring and glum Detective Somerset who is dragged into investigating a new set of murders based on the Seven Deadly Sins. He is teamed up with the young and ambitious Detective David Mills who is gung-ho, but maybe just a little too much.

Just as we have on every 50th episode, Dark Discussions chooses a classic and decides to discuss what the film is all about. Seven is one of those movies that really digs deep into both the human mind and people’s motives. Everything from what defines evil to the way society builds and forms itself, Seven takes a look at the dark side of human life and asks many questions on what motivates us all. Get ready to listen to our second part of our 150th episode on one of the best films in genre cinema.

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Episode 150B- David Fincher Focus: 1995's Seven

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