Episode 149 – Event Horizon (1997)

Episode 149 – Event Horizon (1997)

A cult classic … what makes a cult classic and why? Well, the 1997 film, Event Horizon, is definitely one of those type of films. Similar to Alien 3, when it was first released the critics thumbed their nose at it, but the visuals and ideas behind the screenplay were very intriguing and have kept the movie alive with a group of fans vehemently defending it and giving it a second life with the home market.

Now almost 20 years later, the film has been re-evaluated, and though hasn’t gained the status of other “failed films” like John Carpenter’s The Thing, it still has things that make it an interesting watch. First, this is one of the early films of English director Paul W. S. Anderson, most famous for the Resident Evil films. Also the screenplay was reworked by Andrew Kevin Walker, most famous for writing Seven, most certainly leaving his mark on this film.

Dark Discussions discusses this film, a listener choice in our monthly Facebook poll, and talks about Paul W. S. Anderson as a director, the huge amount of cut and now lost footage that would be intriguing to see in a longer version of the film, and the movie’s place in both the science fiction and horror genre canons. Whether the film is worthy of that cult classic status may not be answered but your hosts most certainly give it their best in the discussion rundown.

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Episode 149 - Event Horizon (1997)

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