Episode 146 – Greg McLean Focus: The Wolf Creek Films

Episode 146 – Greg McLean Focus: The Wolf Creek Films

During the mid-2000’s, with the DVD market beginning to spawn and the internet becoming an everyday tool, smaller independent movies, including genre films, from all over the world began to reach audiences everywhere. Directors such as Neil Marshall, Gaspar Noé, Christopher Smith, the Pang Brothers, among others became known to the genre fan masses. One of those filmmakers was Greg McLean, an Australian. And his film Wolf Creek appeared in 2005.

The film played at such prestigious events as the Sundance Film Festival and the Cannes Film Festival. Immediately the internet went abuzz about this very raw old school film with its unusual screenplay structure, throwback aesthetics, and very frank depiction of violence. Some, including Roger Ebert, thought the film to be nothing more than appalling while others, including Slant Magazine, thought it to be one of the best films of the decade.

With such polarizing opinions, the film garnered its large cult status. However as time has passed, its harshness has dimmed a bit letting the film fall naturally into genre film canon. One question asked is why did it take nine years for the sequel? Strange as that may be, it has arrived. And both Wolf Creek and its follow up Wolf Creek 2 have the ever charismatic actor John Jarratt portraying the mysterious character Mick Taylor. Your co-hosts discuss the two films and give their opinions.

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Episode 146 - Greg McLean Focus: The Wolf Creek Films

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