Episode 145 – Escape From Tomorrow Part 2

Episode 145 – Escape From Tomorrow Part 2

Episode 145 is a direct follow up to Episode 144. Unlike the prior recording, here we go into depth on the new guerrilla film, Escape From Tomorrow, which was filmed mostly on the sly in both Disney World and Disney Land. While hiding right out in the open from Disney security, director Randy Moore and his film’s cast were able to get enough footage to create an entire horror film.

Guest host Kristi Petersen Schoonover, the author of the ghost story collection Skeletons in the Swimmin’ Hole: Tales From Haunted Disney, joins Dark Discussions. With her expertise on all things Walt Disney, she lets us know the layouts of where everything is filmed both from researching the film but also her amazing knowledge of the parks themselves.

Escape From Tomorrow seems like two films in one. The first half is a dark character study of a middle aged man sinking into a midlife crisis while the second half is a surreal film of either his mental breakdown or a supernatural happening that may be surrounding him. Some of your co-hosts think the film definitely has an art house feel to it, but the main thing is the film is more than its guerilla filmmaking gimmick. Either way, the film is available right now on Netflix and worth checking out so you can make your own judgment.

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Episode 145 - Escape From Tomorrow Part 2

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