Episode 140 – Gareth Edwards Focus: 2014’s Godzilla

Episode 140 – Gareth Edwards Focus: 2014’s Godzilla

Back in 2010, a tiny film with huge aspirations entitled Monsters appeared. The film, a science fiction tale about a NASA probe that crashes on Mexican soil releasing a microbe that creates its own ecosystem, was the brainchild of a man named Gareth Edwards. He wrote, directed, and did a whole bunch more with a little budget of $500,000. The film became a critical darling and its very modern tale about human relations, both interpersonal and international, and also the environment was aptly praised. It seemed to have more in common with Brokeback Mountain and Beasts of the Southern Wild than the science fiction film it was.

The main thing was Hollywood took notice. When a long awaited reboot of an English language version of the Japanese classic film series Godzilla was finally sent to production, Gareth Edwards got the call. The film, with its budget of $160M USD, was in his hands. The screenplay however was written by various individuals including a cleaning up by an uncredited Frank Darabont.

Storming to theaters world wide, the film has become highly successful. And yet many fans of the original movies seemed a bit disappointed even though critics everywhere gave the film rave reviews. Dark Discussions discusses their opinion of the film, the praise and criticism that has been thrown about, and the role of actor Bryan Cranston after coming off his successful series Breaking Bad. And yes, we talk some of our own nostalgia and the original films (just a bit).

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Episode 140 - Gareth Edwards Focus: 2014's Godzilla

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