Episode 139 – It’s Alive (1974)

Episode 139 – It’s Alive (1974)

Not much unlike today, people in the 1970’s had fear and concerns of the government … of the medical community … of big business … of the judicious system. The Summer of Love was only a few years prior; upheaval of society was not uncommon; the Vietnam War was carrying on. Things like food additives were a concern, did they cause cancer? Mercury in our seafood? You name it, concerns were abound.

In 1974, the film, It’s Alive, took the paranoia against the medical community, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, and the pharmaceutical industry and brought them into your neighborhood cinema. What is worse than having your unborn child be harmed by heartless bureaucrats who give a pregnant woman medicines that were either untested or considered harmful? It’s Alive takes a very relevant topic of its time as the premise for a horror film. Talents on the film include director/writer Larry Cohen, composer Bernard Herrmann, and special effects artist Rick Baker.

Dark Discussions discusses this film which was chosen by one our listeners as part of our iTunes review contest. Joining us is the author M.J. Preston who actually saw the film twice at the theaters as a young lad giving us the perspective from a theatergoer at an impressionable age. The movie again became a cult film with its very impressive movie art and it’s rebirth on the VHS video rental store circuit. Is the film worth a view? Your hosts along with our guest determine that and give their opinions of the movie and its very interesting message.

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Episode 139 - It's Alive (1974)

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