Episode 137 – Shutter (2004)

Episode 137 – Shutter (2004)

During the 2000’s, it seemed that Japan and South Korea were pumping out film after film that seemed to impress. This J-Horror and K-Horror movie wave hit the international community with a big cheer. A new voice in genre cinema brought unusual and highly acclaimed films like Old Boy, Pulse, Carved, and Marebito to movie viewers. Many others films that were highly entertaining like One Missed Call and The Host proved their mainstream appeal. Then what appeared out of no where was a film from Thailand. Entitled Shutter, it gave a brand new take to the ghost tale.

Taking the spooky idea of the “ghost photo”, Tun, a young photographer, discovers eerie bizarre imagines within his photos. Some include blurs of faces, others include what appear to be incorporeal silhouettes. Soon his girlfriend, Jane, begins to discover and unravel a mystery that may be much more personal to the couple. With its twists and unexpected plot turns, its incredibly intense set pieces, and its amazing ending, Shutter became a standout in the Asian wave of horror cinema.

Dark Discussions brings to light this unexpected ghost film. The discussion revolves around where it fits in with both Asian cinema and the ghost movie, how it stands on its own against other films in its subgenre like The Changeling, and why the English language remake wasn’t as successful as the original. Your hosts perspective includes Eric and Abe who saw the remake first and Mike and Phil who saw the original only. Included in the episode is some listener voice mail. And for the movie, Shutter is by far a high recommend by all of Dark Discussions hosts.

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Episode 137 - Shutter (2004)

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