Episode 136 – Gareth Evans Focus: The Raid Films

Episode 136 – Gareth Evans Focus: The Raid Films

Foreign language films. In the United States, llooking for them, you either have to go to an art house theater which are usually in large metropolitan cities or simply get it on VOD or disc. But every so often you’ll find one at the large multiplex in your sprawling suburban neighborhoods; but very rare. In 2011, there was buzz on fanboy websites about this crazy action film out of Indonesia that was appealing to audiences at large. The film entitled The Raid Redemption directed by a U.K. ex-patriot named Gareth Evans generally got rave reviews (with the noted exception of Roger Ebert).

Evans stated in the director’s commentary that he wrote the script as if it were a survival horror film giving it a taste that was very different for an action movie. With its very stylized fight scenes, its very grounded story in the real world, and having horror film elements, the movie made it to major multiplexes with varying success. Later The Raid Redemption gained such a cult following, Evans was able to make the sequel, The Raid 2, which was released in April 2014 world wide.

Dark Discussions takes the two films and analyzes, both the positives and negatives, and discusses the success that Gareth Evans has become in the genre cinema world. He has gone on to do Safe Haven, arguably the most popular segment of the two V/H/S found footage horror anthology films. Though The Raid 2 is probably now out of cinemas, The Raid Redemption is widely available and the disc itself has numerous extras and a commentary by the director himself. The Raid 2 is soon to follow. Give both films a look and then come and see what we have to say about them.

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Episode 136 - Gareth Evans Focus: The Raid Films

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