Episode 135 – Cheap Thrills (2014)

Episode 135 – Cheap Thrills (2014)

What would you do for easy money? Fifty dollars to drink a shot of tequila quicker than your friend? Three hundred dollars to break the rules at a go-go club? Over four thousand to hook up with a perfect ten? What about $250,000? That’s what the new film, Cheap Thrills, ponders as two friends meet up with a wealthy couple that seems like they are still living the frat and sorority life.

Craig, highly educated yet recently unemployed, is about to be evicted from his apartment. With a wife and young child, he feels the crunch of the awful economy and is worried that days from now he’ll land up on the street. On a chance encounter at a dive bar, he meets Vince, an old high school friend, while drinking away his sorrows. Suddenly a flashy and wealthy couple invite the two over where they begin playing drinking games for free money. Soon however the four enter into a strange and not so innocent night out about town.

Starring genre favorites Pat Healy and Sara Paxton as well as standouts Ethan Embry and David Koechner, the film is one scary and bizarre thriller. Intentionally or not, the film asks questions about human motivation, faithfulness to friend and family, the class system, grading one’s dignity with both desire and desperation, as well as today’s economics; the wealthy one percent and the rest of us. Co-written by Trent Haaga, and directed by screenwriter E.L. Katz, the film won numerous awards on the festival circuit with grand praise from critics. Dark Discussions discusses this new film and whether it is one of the year’s early favorites for top genre flick of the year.

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Episode 135 - Cheap Thrills (2014)

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