Episode 134 – Hard Candy (2006)

Episode 134 – Hard Candy (2006)

A parent’s worst nightmare. Online predators. Some recent examples of horror films that discuss such a heated topic include 2012’s Megan is Missing. However, back in 2005 at Sundance, a low budget film entitled Hard Candy was played as a midnight showing. When the film’s word of mouth hit the streets, the stars of the movie immediately landed on the radar of Hollywood studios. Ellen Page and Patrick Wilson suddenly became leads in films only years later. But the interesting thing that made Hard Candy memorable besides the talent of its two costars was that the film was a tight little thriller.

Jeff, a fairly well known photographer, meets up with Hayley, a young fourteen year old girl, on an internet chat room. Soon the two meet and head back to Jeff’s home where they partake in alcoholic beverages and what appears to be an impromptu photo spread. However, something unexpected occurs that turns this inappropriate scenario into a nightmare.

David Slade, a former music video director, helms the film which led him to big budget movies such as 30 Days of Night and Twilight Eclipse. His television work has included episodes of Breaking Bad and Hannibal. Screenwriter Brian Nelson went on to co-write 30 Days of Night and Devil. But this film, Hard Candy, itself was the film that made the careers of all involved. Your co-hosts discuss this oddly forgotten gem and why it should not be missed.

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Episode 134 - Hard Candy (2006)

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