Episode 132 – Big Bad Wolves (2014)

Episode 132 – Big Bad Wolves (2014)

Back in 2010, a little known foreign film appeared entitled in its native language Kalevet brought some notoriety to the director/writer combo Aharon Keshales and Navot Papushado. At first it was thought that maybe some of the interest was that it was the first “horror” film from Israel. But the film known as Rabies in English and released wide to the world in 2012 actually was a quirky and well made neo-grindhouse horror film that had a lot to say (see our own discussion on the film in episode 116 of Dark Discussions).

In 2013, when their follow up Big Bad Wolves hit the festival circuits, director/screenwriter Quentin Tarantino stated he thought it was the best film of the year. Whether that’s an overstatement, or whether it was the fact some say it was a homage to his own films, Big Bad Wolves most certainly is a dark and some ways comic thriller that immediately landed on everyone’s radar. When a school teacher is suspected to be a serial murderer of children, a group of individuals including a police man as well as the father of a murder victim, decide to take justice in their own hands.

The film seems to be both a standard thriller and even a disciple of the Tarantino films, yet in all honesty it has some interesting topics to say about people and policy that the creators of the film are not too shy to present. Dark Discussions discusses the film, some of the topics it brings up, as well as some quirky and less obvious things the movie has to say including mobile phone ring tones and little dog people. Get ready for a discussion that leaves co-host Eric a bit frazzled as controversy over substance makes him flabbergasted.

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Episode 132 - Big Bad Wolves (2014)

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