Episode 131 – Hannibal TV Series

Episode 131 – Hannibal TV Series

Hannibal Lecter. He has become one of the most iconic horror “monsters” in film history. Whether he is in the same vain as Dracula and Frankenstein or Freddy and Jason, he is consistently listed in the top ten scariest monsters or villains of all time. Thomas Harris, though a non-prolific author, has placed himself as one of the greats for the creation of both Hannibal and his supporting cast in the novels. After Academy Awards and critical and audience acclaim, Hannibal reappears once more on television in the series simply entitled Hannibal.

At first, people were not quite sure what to think. Was it a cash in on the character and the works of Thomas Harris and the movies based off his books? To be truthful, yes, the show has a very recognizable villain and a fanbase already built in. But Bryan Fuller, the showrunner for such quirky series as Pushing Daisies and Dead Like Me, has hit a home run with this new project. Though low in audience numbers, the series has received positive reviews and been slowly gaining a cult following.

Your co-hosts discuss the first season of the show now that Season Two has just begun to air. Abe and Mike lead the way. Abe discusses the source material while Mike dissects the show and some of the interesting “second viewing” plot lines and Easter eggs. Joining the guys is author M.J. Preston as the layman for the episode. Concluding, Hannibal is definitely one show that everyone who loves genre television should see. Co-host Phil even goes as far to say it is the best genre show only behind Game of Thrones.

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Episode 131 - Hannibal TV Series

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