Episode 129 – Robocop (Then and Now)

Episode 129 – Robocop (Then and Now)

How do you get the attention of people? Well, Paul Verhoeven, the famous Dutch director, is one who most certainly knows how to. With his films Total Recall and Starship Troopers and their over the top craziness, he seemed to invent some sort of undefined subgenre of speculative films. But it was with Robocop, his 1987 science fiction gorefest that actually seems to get the most respect. Maybe its because its filmed from an original script unlike the others, but either way, it has garnered not only cult status but also artistic respect as one of the most important and classic science fiction films ever. Criterion has even donned it with its own special disc release.

Now, twenty-seven years later, the remake/re-imaging of the film has been released as a major motion picture. With a huge budget and a cast of some of Hollywood’s most prominent character actors, the film received mixed reviews and yet may have been hurt by the positive legacy of its namesake. Or maybe it got the backlash that reboots, remakes, and re-imaginings have been receiving recently.

No matter, Dark Discussions has decided to reflect on the original film and its 2014 remake. The discussion includes what the film means to your hosts, why it has broken out of cult status and has its own legacy, and also we discuss some trivia and reflections that are poignant with the release of this new expensive rendition of a genre fan favorite.

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Episode 129 - Robocop (Then and Now)

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