Episode 126 – Contracted (2013)

Episode 126 – Contracted (2013)

Dark Discussions decides to focus on one of the films we listed as a top ten horror movie of 2013, Contracted. It’s a little film that’s been talked about by genre and horror fans for a few months since it hit Video-On-Demand. IFC films thought enough of it to become the distributor and yet fan reaction has been mixed.

An interesting concept, the film seems to fit into a number of subgenres including body horror, contagions, zombies, a potentially insane (and murderous) protagonist, and a dark character drama. And yet by the end of the film it squarely turns into one specific horror subgenre. Samantha, an obvious lost soul with multiple demons and issues plaguing her, has a one night stand with a stranger. In the three days that follow, she begins to fall apart both emotionally and physically until the surprising if telegraphed ending.

Your co-hosts discuss their opinions of the film, why two thought it to be one of the best horror films of last year, one who thought it was a possible top twenty, and one who considers it nothing more than a decent little flick. Listen up and hear an in-depth and multi-opinionated discussion on a very interesting take on a subgenre of horror. Is it worth the praise or deserve the hatred that has been given on many websites and blogs? Hear what Dark Discussions thinks and then make up your own mind.

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Episode 126 - Contracted (2013)

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