Episode 122 – Infinite Santa 8000 (2013)

Episode 122 – Infinite Santa 8000 (2013)

12 Monkeys, A Boy and His Dog, Desert Punk, The Screwfly Solution, The Matrix, Mad Max, Atlas Shrugged, any number of zombie and alien invasion films. You name it, post-apocalyptic film and literature has been a staple of the genre fan for years. From complete failure of the machine in Mad Max and Atlas Shrugged, to the threat upon the fairer sex in the Screwfly Solution and A Boy and His Dog, to the behavioral science of the characters in The Walking Dead and The Stand. It’s been used as a commentary on the world and where we are headed for decades.

Then we have Christmas horror. Bob Clark, most famous for the delightful holiday film, A Christmas Story, was also the man behind Black Christmas. Silent Night, Deadly Night caused an uproar during its initial release in the early 1980’s. Gremlins, backed by Stephen Spielberg, became an immediate classic and caused the change in the American film rating system.

But what about independent cinema. Here on Dark Discussions, co-host Philip interviews director/screenwriter Michael Neel about his mash up animated post-apocalyptic and Christmas film that pays tribute to Christmas horror, post-apocalyptic horror, and adult graphic material such as The Walking Dead, Heavy Metal magazine, and classic anime. Whether a fun film to have a blast with or a movie with messages intentional or not, Infinite Santa 8000 , the new film by Burnt Reindeer Films, comes alive. One of the best animated genre films of 2013.

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Episode 122 - Infinite Santa 8000 (2013)

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