Episode 121 – Open Grave (2013)

Episode 121 – Open Grave (2013)

Back in 2011, the found footage film Apollo 18 was released chronicling a disastrous space mission to the moon. Though receiving mixed reviews from critics, the film was fairly successful and brought Spaniard director Gonzalo López-Gallego some recognition to the genre community, both fans and producers alike. Now he brings us a new film, Open Grave, which was released on December 24th, 2013 to VOD and a limited theatrical run in the USA.

When a man wakes up from what appears to be a coma in a huge pit filled with bodies stacked one atop another, he tries to remember what happened yet he doesn’t remember who he is or where this place happens to be. Meeting up with a group of other people in a large house on the property, he discovers they too are unable to remember anything. One individual points out that a calendar has a day circled upon it suggesting something immensely important is to occur.

This highly stylized thriller turns out to be a new take on a very popular horror subgenre. Some hints begin to fill in the story while other less obvious things such as the presumably intentional international casting give clues. Starring such genre favorites as Sharlto Copley, Thomas Kretschmann, Josie Ho, and Joseph Morgan, the film is a wonderful dark horror film that has an opening and ending so iconic that both set pieces will be remembered for a long time. Co-hosts Mike and Phil discuss the film and recommend that everyone check it out. Beware, however, avoid the trailer since it gives away some of the best scenes of the film.

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Episode 121 - Open Grave (2013)

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