Episode 117 – Stephen King’s Carrie

Episode 117 – Stephen King’s Carrie

Though he had written numerous short stories, the 1974 novel Carrie was where many say Stephen King began his legendary career. Only two years later the novel had made him a millionaire and it was optioned to film. Directors like George Lucas, Martin Scorsese, Stephen Spielberg, and Francis Ford Coppola were taking Hollywood by storm and one of their contemporaries became a household name with his adaption of Carrie. Brian DePalma not only made a classic film that was nominated for awards, but he created a distinctive style of cinema.

Carrie, the tale, is about a young overweight girl that is the typical high school student with little friends. Yet the reason for her ostracization is more due to her upbringing. Her mother is a controlling religious woman who’s beliefs could be considered almost a parity of even those who would be defined as fundamentalist. As dark secrets of her mother’s past begin to play out, Carrie begins to discover a power she possesses known as telekinesis that may eventually play into her everyday life.

Now over 35 years later, a new remake of the Biran DePalma film is released near Halloween 2013. With interesting differences between the book and the DePalma film, along with women’s sexuality and the modern problem of cyberbullying, an updated adaptation of the film seems quite an interesting idea. Dark Discussions ponders this and discusses the two films and its source material.

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Episode 117 - Stephen King's Carrie

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