Episode 113 – David Twohy Focus: 2013’s Riddick

Episode 113 – David Twohy Focus: 2013’s Riddick

Iconic characters in genre cinema. And those that are more anti-hero than hero. People may think of super heroes like Batman, maybe Han Solo from Star Wars, another that comes up is Snake Plissken from Escape From New York, or even Hannibal Lector. But then there is Riddick, first seen in the cult favorite Pitch Black, with it’s dark hard science fiction world just touching the boundaries of space opera.

Riddick is one of those bad asses that appears as if he’s evil and yet comes out being a “hero”; someone to cheer for. Sociopathic and yet a logical thinker, he seems not to fit into any box. But one thing, the character created by director David Twohy and actor Vin Diesel has become iconic and most certainly draws a cult following. Though the film, The Chronicles of Riddick, was considered a misfire by many, a reinvention of Riddick comes this year.

David Twohy and Vin Diesel have returned for this new adaption simply entitled Riddick. At one point we even learn his first name. Your co-hosts on Dark Discussions discuss this new film. Is it a sequel that no one wanted or is it a revisiting of one of genre fans favorite characters? Download, press play, or get a copy of this new DDP episode and find out what we have to say.

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Episode 113 - David Twohy Focus: 2013's Riddick

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