Episode 112 – You’re Next (2013)

Episode 112 – You’re Next (2013)

Two film makers. One a director. One a writer. Back in 2010, the two of them, Adam Wingard and Simon Barrett, put together a film entitled A Horrible Way to Die that was released to general audiences in 2011. Co-host Philip put it on his top 10 best horror films of 2011. A dark gritty tale that had a Paul Schrader bleakness to it and a Simon Rumley shock to it.

In 2011, the filmmakers went about making another film entitled You’re Next. The film played festival circuits and the buzz around it had folks saying that it was even better than their prior film. When a family gets together for a quiet wedding anniversary, they come under attack by a group of masked home invaders. A night of terror results.

The film was picked up by Lionsgate Films and released on August 30th, 2013 to positive reviews by film critics. Your co-hosts come together to discuss this latest Wingard-Barrett film and give their opinion. Can it possibly be better than A Horrible Way to Die which itself was one of the better horror films in the past few years?

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Episode 112 - You're Next (2013)

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