Episode 111 – Elysium (2013)

Episode 111 – Elysium (2013)

The future. Many authors and film makers have presented their outlook on where humanity will be in some far away year. In many cases, such as with Arthur C. Clarke and Jack Williamson, it can be wonderful, mystical, and amazing. In other cases, such as with Robert Heinlein and William Gibson, it is dystopian or unjust. But what sticks out is that the stories are strictly human and aliens (if they even exist) are only plot devices.

In comes Neill Blomkamp with his 2009 film, District 9, which uses aliens as an allegory against bigotry. The film was a spectacular success. Hollywood takes note and his latest film, Elysium, starring top talent Jodie Foster and Matt Damon, brings us the year 2154, where earth is ruined from war, disease, and pollution. The wealthy elite now live upon a giant space station that circles Earth. This “world” includes beautiful fields, fabulous houses, and healthcare. On Earth, however, the poor suffer. Humanity it seems hasn’t changed all that much.

This latest science fiction film with its spectacular effects and world creation has created a media buzz usually not particular to film. With its political messages and its controversial subject matter, folks have been divided on what to think. One thing, though, is that all three co-hosts of Dark Discussions have seen it and they give their opinion on what to make of it all.

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Episode 111 - Elysium (2013)

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