Episode 110 – Simon Rumley Focus: 2006’s The Living and the Dead

Episode 110 – Simon Rumley Focus: 2006’s The Living and the Dead

Dark Discussions begins their “co-host choice” episode with co-host Phil’s movie pick. Healthcare, class structure, mental illness, terminal diseases, decay of a nation: how can these things all come together and make a … horror film? Well, maybe not. But then again it depends on one’s perspective. Back in 2011, British director Simon Rumley released the film Red, White, and Blue that shocked even fans of horror movies. The interesting thing is that the film was a masterpiece as a dark drama besides its horror theme.

However, Simon Rumley burst onto the genre scene with another film in 2006, The Living and the Dead. When the patriarch of what is left of a once great and prominent family leaves to the big city to try to save the family estate from bank foreclosure, his mentally challenged son decides to take things into his own hands when caring for his sickly mother.

Unlike an honest horror film, The Living and the Dead is more truly a drama, dark that it may be. Horrible things do happen and as a result the horror and genre fan have championed it. During its festival run it received phenomenal reviews both from mainstream and genre critics equally. Honestly it has more in common with a film like The Godfather or Mean Streets than Halloween or Friday the 13th. And yet it’s crossover appeal had it listed (along with Red, White, and Blue) as one of the best horror films of all-time by Fangoria magazine.

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Episode 110 - Simon Rumley Focus: 2006's The Living and the Dead

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