Episode 109 – Monster Mania (2013)

Episode 109 – Monster Mania (2013)

Dark Discussions heads to Monster Mania, the Philadelphia suburban convention in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, where such luminous genre favorites as Carrie Fischer, Malcolm McDowell, and the legendary George A. Romero made appearances. Co-host Mike and his wife, Pam, took a weekend in the middle of August to attend and meet some of theirs and our favorite stars.

Throughout the hours, Mike was able to interview a number of folks that you may have heard of, may know of, or may meet for the very first time. Included are Betsy Baker and Teresa Tilly of the original 1981 Evil Dead film, Tim Balme of the classic Kiwi film Braindead/Dead Alive, long time Hollywood actor Bruce Davison most recently from The Lords of Salem, and Dick Warlock who played Michael Myers in Halloween 2.

Full of trivia and tidbits with actors who worked personally alongside Sam Raimi, Rob Zombie, Bruce Campbell, Robert Tapert, John Carpenter, and Peter Jackson, co-host Mike triumphantly provides both insight and interviews with the actors involved in many classic genre films. In addition, he gets interviews with a number of producers, film makers and authors including Horror Writer’s Association members, Brian Patrick McKinley and Kristin Battestella.

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Episode 109 - Monster Mania (2013)

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