Episode 108 – James Wan Focus: 2013’s The Conjuring

Episode 108 – James Wan Focus: 2013’s The Conjuring

Australians, director James Wan and screenwriter Leigh Whannell, came roaring onto the film scene with the 2004 movie Saw. The film cost less than $2,000,000 USD to make and went on to gross over $100,000,000 USD. With Insidious, another low budget horror film from 2011, this collaboration resulted in another huge success. Now in 2013, off on his own, James Wan returns with The Conjuring, a film based off a case by real ghost hunters, Ed and Lorraine Warren, best known for their work on the Amityville, New York case.

The Conjuring takes place in Rhode Island where a family moves into an old yet quaint farm house. Soon however things turn bad. Unexplained activity, the sudden passing of the family dog, and the eventual contact with a supernatural being causes them to seek out the Warrens. Immediately, the ghost hunters determine that everything is not right.

Dark Discussions is joined by two guest hosts. Nate Schoonover, demonologist and occult researcher, seen on Arts and Entertainment, appears with his wife Kristi Petersen Schoonover, author of the fantastic dark novel, Bad Apple, and the horror collection, Skeletons in the Swimmin’ Hole (among others). They discuss the real Conjuring case and the Warrens with your co-hosts. And the movie itself? Hear two experts help analyze one of the biggest horror films of 2013.

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Episode 108 - James Wan Focus: 2013's The Conjuring

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