Episode 106 – The Soska Sisters Focus: 2013’s American Mary

Episode 106 – The Soska Sisters Focus: 2013’s American Mary

A number of things are interesting about Jen and Sylvia Soska, or simply better known as the Soska sisters. First, they are twins. Second, they are from Canada. Third, they are sibling film makers. Fourth, they are female in a male dominated industry. Fifth, they are genre film makers. And finally after a festival circuit run, their second feature length film, American Mary, has been released to the mass audience.

Getting their start in the pseudo-retro-grindhouse wave with their first film, Dead Hooker in a Trunk, the sisters come back with a dark tale of a woman who has many issues of any early twenty-something. Mary’s a med student who happens to live day to day trying to pay for her living expenses never mind the horrendous amount of money colleges sap from middle class families. As her resources dry up, she ends up in a place that she never expected. Part horror film, part character study, American Mary is an interesting movie that shows the talent of these two director/screenwriting sisters.

The film stars Katherine Isabelle (from Gingersnaps) as Mary, a brooding, sardonic, and somewhat disheartened individual facing real life pressures who lands up both as a victim in one set of circumstances while being a dark menacing character in other circumstances. Dark Discussions discusses this highly anticipated horror film and how it stands up to all of the hype.

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Episode 106 - The Soska Sisters Focus: 2013's American Mary

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