Episode 105 – Pål Sletaune Focus: 2005’s Next Door

Episode 105 – Pål Sletaune Focus: 2005’s Next Door

Pål Sletaune, who’s he, you ask? Well, he’s someone you should know, and I’m not saying so because of this episode’s topic, though that itself may be enough. Pål (pronounced Paul) Sletaune was offered to direct the Kevin Spacey film, American Beauty. Pål turned the chance down, an obvious mistake, and the rest … well … is history. However, that doesn’t mean this Norwegian filmmaker is forgotten. Just last year, he directed Noomi Rapace in the fantastic horror thriller The Monitor. But back in 2005, he really showed his chops writing and directing the Kristoffer Joner film, Next Door.

After John and his girlfriend, Ingrid, break up in what appears to be a cordial arrangement, two mysterious women move into the apartment next door. Lonely, depressed, and friendless, he becomes acquainted with the very attractive yet eccentric young ladies. As he learns more about them, he’s dragged into a psychological puzzle that may lead back to Ingrid and why she has suddenly become antagonistic.

Next Door, just like the Thai film, Shutter, and the English film, The Wicker Man, has twists and turns that eventually lead to one of the greatest endings in genre cinema. The ending will absolutely blind side you leaving the viewer shocked and completely shaken. Your hosts discuss this art house horror film and give their take on what co-host Philip says may be one of the best horror films in the last decade.

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Episode 105 - Pål Sletaune Focus: 2005's Next Door

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