Episode 103 – World War Z (2013)

Episode 103 – World War Z (2013)

Along with The Lords of Salem, World War Z was probably one of the most anticipated horror films for the year 2013. Now that it is here, how is it? Did it meet expectations? Was it a disaster or a roaring success? Based on a very highly regarded book by author Max Brooks, the movie went into production causing much confusion from the fans. How could they make a movie out of such an epic story?

By 2012, the movie was pushed back an entire year due to determined reshoots by movie executives. Leaks told of a movie that looked nothing like the novel. The book with its slow George Romero zombies, big set pieces like the Battle of Yonkers, and a more ensemble cast, was stripped away leaving a screenplay and film that resembled nothing like its source. Then a trailer appeared that showed mediocre CGI and caused even more concern for fans of the book. But the question, as a standalone film and ignoring the source material, is this Brad Pitt starring film a great film?

Your co-hosts meet for the very first time in person on location in Lanesborough, Massachusetts at the Berkshire Mall to see the film together and then discuss their opinions. Co-host Philip was the guinea pig; not reading the book so not to make comparisons. In this very special episode, co-host Mike’s wife, Pam, makes an appearance. Listen up and see what your co-hosts think of a very divisive film.

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Episode 103 - World War Z (2013)

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