Episode 102 – Resolution (2013)

Episode 102 – Resolution (2013)

Resolution, defined by Merriam-Webster as the act of analyzing a complex notion into simpler ones. Or simply to find an answer. The new film, Resolution, may have slipped by your radar. With a generic title and with the rollout of a smaller film, many folks may have not noticed its January release. Dark Discussions, however, didn’t miss it.

When Mike gets an eccentric audio email from his old friend Chris, he heads out to find him at a rural under construction house. His discovery shocks him. Chris has become addicted to crystal meth. During this impromptu drug intervention, the two become involved in a mystery that may lead to an outer being, space aliens, monsters, a supernatural force, or maybe even the twist from the movie The Cabin in the Woods.

With sharp dialogue, interesting set pieces, and quirky characters, the film not only is a refreshing genre film in an otherwise disappointing first half of the year, but it is a tour de force in acting, directing, and screenwriting. Whether true horror or more a thriller in the clothing of a horror film, your co-hosts take their crack at trying to decipher a fascinating mystery.

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Episode 102 - Resolution (2013)

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