Episode 099 – Daniel Suarez’s Daemon and Freedom(TM)

Episode 099 – Daniel Suarez’s Daemon and Freedom(TM)

Daniel Suarez is someone you need to know about. Computer businessman turned author, Suarez is the composer of some of the most frightening techno-thriller novels ever. Still fairly new on the scene and with only three books under his belt, his first two novels, Daemon and Freedom(TM), were a two part epic story of horror that takes Michael Crichton and Scott Sigler traits into the world of the internet, video games, and automated machines.

The tale begins with billionaire computer gaming CEO Matthew Sobel passing from cancer. Yet prior to his death he invokes a malicious plan to bring down the world as we know it through computers and technology. The ensemble cast includes a police detective trying to solve two illogical murders, a computer consultant who may be more than he claims he is, a sociopathic twenty-something who hosts hedonistic raves while on the side discovering a hidden message within an online game, and a beautiful news anchor that finds herself a washed up thirty-seven year old before she receives a mysterious phone call.

The two book series, praised by techno-thriller author Robin Cook and given top reviews by Publisher’s Weekly and Wired magazine, is focused on by Dark Discussions Podcast. Guest host Shawn and co-host Philip talk about some of the best parts of the novels, why they think they are worthy reads, and how the internet and technology may be as frightening as biogenetics and nano-technology.

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Episode 099 - Daniel Suarez's Daemon and Freedom(TM)

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