Episode 097 – Evil Dead (2013)

Episode 097 – Evil Dead (2013)

Rob Tapert, Sam Raimi, and especially Bruce Campbell made their careers off of the original 1981 film, The Evil Dead. Now 32 years later, they have come together as producers of the new remake/reimagining of the classic. The three hired first time director to direct. Fede Alvarez came to the attention of Hollywood as an internet sensation posting online a highly acclaimed short film that he made. Now a handful of years later he was helming one of the most highly anticipated horror films in years.

Dark Discussions is joined by author M.J. Preston to discuss this new take on the cult franchise. Yet unlike other reviews, your hosts discuss such things as Diablo Cody’s involvement with the script; the American ratings systems and Evil Dead, and how this film compares to such harsher rated films as Hatchet 2 or the French/Korean/Japanese splatter flicks. Also, we take a look at how the film fits in with the series and whether it can be looked at as a standalone film.

One thing is for sure, the film has received mixed reviews and caused polarization across many fronts. Regular cinema viewers, Evil Dead fans, horror fans, and mainstream critics have all thrown their two cents in. Yet one thing M.J. Preston asks here within is whether the film is really that important to cause such division. Listen to find out.

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Episode 097 - Evil Dead (2013)

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