Episode 093 – The Last Exorcism Films

Episode 093 – The Last Exorcism Films

In 2010, the Eli Roth produced film The Last Exorcism was released to strongly positive reviews. Though audiences were mixed in their feelings, the film was an overwhelming success making over $67M USD against a budge of $1.8M. Presenting itself as either a found footage or faux documentary, the film’s greatest strengths were the incredible performances by the actors and actresses involved.

The Reverend Cotton Marcus (played by Patrick Fabian) has hired a film crew to document a real life exorcism. However, his intentions are to actually to show that his talents rely with trickery and slight of hand instead. Angry with the death of a young child during a ritual, his goal is to debunk the practice and show that it’s all a placebo effect and nothing more.

Actress Ashley Bell plays the young teenage girl who may or may not be possessed. With the release of The Last Exorcism Part 2, Dark Discussions evaluates the two films and discusses why the first is one of the very best horror films from the last decade. The question is, can the new entry live up to the original? Listen to find out.

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Episode 093 - The Last Exorcism Films

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