Episode 091 – Humans Hunting Humans

Episode 091 – Humans Hunting Humans

One thing in horror and genre fiction has been humans murdering humans in so many horrible ways. Serial killers, psychopaths, gangsters, government agents, femme fatales, and so many more have been the main perpetrators. Yet, what does this all mean? In many cases it’s human beings hunting other human beings.

In definition, horror icons like Jason Voorhees and Michael Myers have been hunting humans for the last four decades. But another subgenre of pulp fiction has been where people put man or woman in a situation where it becomes a game to them. The most famous is probably the 1924 novella The Most Dangerous Game written by Richard Connell. A wealthy eccentric on a privately owned island uses an erroneous lighthouse to shipwreck boats. The survivors are then hunted down for sport.

Dark Discussions talks about such material as The Most Dangerous Game, William Golding’s The Lord of the Flies, Stephen King’s The Running Man, the Japanese classic Battle Royale, and Suzanne Collins’ The Hunger Games. Other films discussed are Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill films. Whether for game, whether for revenge, or whether for entertainment, humans hunting humans in cinema has been around since the beginning.

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Episode 091 - Humans Hunting Humans

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