Episode 090 – HorrorRealm 2012 Part 2

Episode 090 – HorrorRealm 2012 Part 2

Once more, Dark Discussions takes a look at the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania convention known as HorrorRealm. Co-host Mike continues his rounds on Saturday and Sunday in September of 2012 meeting up with the individuals who attended. Some big genre celebrities are interviewed.

The list includes Tiffany Shepis, scream queen and the fabulous actress of such films as Nightmare Man and The Frankenstein Syndrome. Also included is Brian O’Halloran who played Dante in Kevin Smith’s films Clerks and Clerks II. To top this episode, co-host Mike brings us Doug Bradley, the actor who brought us the demon Pinhead in the Clive Barker Hellraiser films. Things that you always wanted to know about him, the films, and one of the most iconic horror monsters of all time await.

Further, interviews consist of numerous memorabilia and genre vendors. Folks included are Towels of Darkness and Graphic Cellar to name a few. So get ready for an incredible follow up episode to one of the most entertaining conventions that should be on everyone’s yearly genre calendar.

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Episode 090 - HorrorRealm 2012 Part 2

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