Episode 089 – HorrorRealm 2012 Part 1

Episode 089 – HorrorRealm 2012 Part 1

Once more Dark Discussions heads to HorrorRealm in Pennsylvania. That’s right, the state known for Ben Franklin, the Liberty Bell, the top producer of both American chocolate and NFL Hall of Fame quarterbacks, and being the land of the Quakers, Amish, and Mennonites, Pennsylvania is also the home of the modern day zombie, specifically the city of Pittsburgh. Actors, crew, and writers for the George A. Romero zombie films got their start there and since 1968 a large community of fans and filmmakers have made it the zombie capital of the world.

Each September, the HorrorRealm convention comes to Pittsburgh where fans can meet both new and old favorites. This past year included Sid Haig, Ken Foree, Doug Bradley, Tiffany Shepis, among others. In September in 2012, co-host Mike headed to the city and was able to attend. This first part of a two part episode is his Friday night adventures and interviews. Those interviewed include the owners of the all zombie store House of the Dead, actor George Kosana who played the marshall in the original Night of the Living Dead, Mark Tierno of Day of the Dead fame, film directors George Balsamo who directed I Spill Your Guts and Steve Rudzinski who directed Everyone Must Die, horror genre artist Steven BejmaMichael Christopher who played the Hare Krishna zombie in the original Dawn of the Dead, and actor Camden Toy famous for Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Get ready to hear a great episode by co-host Mike and look forward to Part 2 which has some big interviews of some of horror’s most famous stars and starlets.

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Episode 089 - HorrorRealm 2012 Part 1

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