Episode 088 – Mama (2013)

Episode 088 – Mama (2013)

One of the first big horror releases of 2013 was the Guillermo Del Toro produced film Mama by first time director Andrés Muschietti. Originally a short three minute film, the piece brought Muschietti attention. A thin and horrific creature chased two little girls around a house to great effect. Del Toro saw the film and decided to produce a feature length motion picture based on the short.

After two little girls parents die tragically, they are left in a cabin out in the middle of the woods in rural Virginia. Five years later, searchers hired by their uncle and his girlfriend find them as feral and alone. While working with a psychiatrist, our new family unit begins to discover that there is a bigger secret on how two defenseless children were able to survive all these years alone.

With the Del Toro thumbprint upon the film, our tale brings the combination of chills, children, and fairy tales to the big screen. The film stars two of today’s hottest stars, Jessica Chastain and Nikolaj Coster -Waldau. Your co-hosts discuss this modern ghost story. The film has been highly anticipated since the original short whet the appetites of genre fans since 2008. Now on the big screen, one wonders how well it holds up.

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Episode 088 - Mama (2013)

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