Episode 085 – Jon Hewitt Focus: 2011’s X: Night of Vengeance

Episode 085 – Jon Hewitt Focus: 2011’s X: Night of Vengeance

Much discussed but not released, Dark Discussions Podcast finally does their second film focus episode on Australian director Jon Hewitt. After his horror drama Acolytes, director Jon Hewitt returns with the 2011 film, X: Night of Vengeance, a dark street drama that pays homage to such films as Taxi Driver, Midnight Cowboy, and the screenplays of Paul Schrader.

A high priced Sidney call girl Holly (played by Spartacus vet Viva Bianca) decides to leave the life and escape to a new happiness in Paris. Before she goes she has one more appointment to attend to. Needing a second girl, she meets ups with Shay (played by Hanna Mangan Lawrence), a young girl escaping a troubled home, who she hires to come along. Before the night is through, the two are forced to run for their lives as they are witnesses to a murder.

Dark, brooding, and atmospheric, the film takes place in Kings Cross, the southern hemisphere’s Time Square. The dark side of human nature including drugs, violence, sex, and addiction are explored. After discussing the film, composer and sound designer J. David Franzke is interviewed giving insight to the filming. Go and view some down under films where co-host Philip named X: Night of Vengeance to be one of the top ten horror/thrillers of 2011.

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Episode 085 - Jon Hewitt Focus: 2011's X: Night of Vengeance

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