Episode 082 – Ed Sanchez Focus: 2012’s Lovely Molly

Episode 082 – Ed Sanchez Focus: 2012’s Lovely Molly

Ambiguity. Some films have meaning in their stories that are much harder to ascertain. Hidden connotations, symbolism, and interpretation are part of what make the story unique. Lovely Molly, a 2012 film by director Ed Sanchez, is specifically that. Sanchez, best known as one of the co-directors of the Blair Witch Project, has made a new genre film that specifically leaves the viewer asking questions as they are engulfed in a tale of horrific gloom.

Molly, recently married, lives in her childhood home with her husband Tim. She and her sister Hannah it seems may have not had as tranquil an upbringing as the house’s charm would present. As Tim is on long journeys for work, mysterious sounds and smells begin to haunt the house and follow Molly to her work. As her younger years begin to catch up with her, Molly starts to digress into a state that may be leading into insanity. Or possibly an evil that may be older than the house itself.

Lovely Molly is another triumphant return for Ed Sanchez. Dark, gloomy with a feel that reminds folks of some of the darker dramas of the past, Lovely Molly is part of a new wave of films that has the gritty feel of the 1970’s drama. With its murky and sinister tale of a downhearted woman trying to fight against both the demons of her past as well as the unfairness of everyday life, the film brings about some of the best chills in years with one of the most remarkably effective reveals in modern cinema. Dark Discussions reviews the film and discusses some of the most indistinct parts of the unsettling story.

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Episode 082 - Ed Sanchez Focus: 2012's Lovely Molly

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