Episode 080 – Looper (2012)

Episode 080 – Looper (2012)

We’ve seen it before. Time travel as a topic for a film. The Terminator, Triangle, Timecrimes, Primer, among others. Now Looper joins the conversation, a film that uses time travel in a bit of a different manner. 2012’s surprise hit starring Bruce Willis, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Emily Blunt asks questions about morality while engrossing itself into a techno-thriller that has elements of action and mystery.

In the future, the mob sends back people to the present where hitmen known as loopers kill their targets and dispose of the bodies in the present time. Loopers however will one day be sent back to the present to be killed by their present selves closing the loop and ending their contract as hitmen. When Joe is presented with the killing of his future self (played by Bruce Willis), the older Joe escapes bringing about ramifications on the survival of not only Joe, but also a little boy that may be the child version of someone that has wronged the future Joe.

At first appearing convoluted, the movie uses time travel only as a plot point for a more compelling story. Morality and self sacrifice hang over the head of both versions of our protagonist. A much larger story centered around a mother (played by Emily Blunt) and her little boy may lead to either the salvation or the end of our protagonist. Dark Discussions converses about Looper, one of this year’s best genre films.

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Episode 080 - Looper (2012)

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