Episode 079 – Sinister (2012)

Episode 079 – Sinister (2012)

Horror films usually land straight to dvd or video on demand and seem rarely successful as major Hollywood releases. But exceptions do occur. For October 2012, the horror film, Sinister, was released to cinemas throughout the US. The movie was fairly well received by critics but made its mark on audiences who came out in large numbers making it as successful financially as Insidious and Paranormal Activity.

The film revolves around a crime writer on the downward side of his career. Having upset various law enforcement officials by picturing them in a bad light as well as having unintentionally hurt others by misrepresenting information, Ellison Oswalt played by Ethan Hawke, travels to Pennsylvania and moves into the home where a family was murdered and their child has gone missing. While investigating the crime for a new book, he discovers a case that may lead to a serial killer that operates throughout the country. Yet could the similar murders have a more sinister significance behind them?

Dark Discussions and the round table discuss one of horror’s more surprising delights of the year. Unexpected, the film’s gritty 1970’s style and its meld of such films/books as Red Dragon, Insidious, and the found footage appeal place it as a must see for any fan of genre cinema.

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Episode 079 - Sinister (2012)

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