Episode 078 – Supernatural

Episode 078 – Supernatural

When folks in the United States think of the CW network, they think of shows focusing on teenage drama and low brow humor. But in 2005, an idea was constructed about two young men and their search for their father. The show, Supernatural, was based on the concepts of other genre series of the past including The X Files, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Angel.

The show focuses on Dean and Sam Winchester, two twenty-something’s, who were brought up knowing that monsters are in fact very real. Their father felt it was his mission to hunt these monsters after the murder of his wife by a demon. Dean, the older, jumps aboard and takes up the family business while Sam, the younger, wants a more normal life. But with twists and turns, the two are dragged into a battle not only to protect society from evil but possibly even a war between angels and demons and heaven and hell.

Creator Eric Kripke created a show aimed originally at teenage girls only to have it become one of the most successful horror shows in television history. Now running eight seasons, Dean and Sam, who all the girls want to date and all boys want to be, have brought about humor and horror hand in hand with a cast of supporting characters including fan favorites the angel Castial and Sam and Dean’s lovable mentor Bobby Singer. Dark Discussions focuses an episode on a show similar to The X Files in style but with monsters traditional and cultural.

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Episode 078 - Supernatural

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