Episode 075 – Bits, Pieces, and Body Parts Volume 3

Episode 075 – Bits, Pieces, and Body Parts Volume 3

Another installment of Bits, Pieces, and Body Parts and this time we have interviews of directors, screenwriters, and authors. Just released on Video on Demand is the new film Grave Encounters 2. This second installment of the franchise is written by the same screenwriter/directors of the first, the Vicious brothers. Dark Discussions interviews the two film makers about their new film and the franchise.

Next up is the author Charles Day to discuss his Halloween novel Legend of the Pumpkin Thief, a throwback to a less complicated time. The peace however is interrupted when something comes to small town New York state to cause havoc to the local.

Following Charles is writer/director Patrick Rae, the filmmaker for the upcoming Nailbiter, a horror movie that has been picked up by Lions Gate and is to be released later this year. Playing the convention circuits, it has won numerous awards and has been well received everywhere it has screened.

Lastly, author Eric Brown comes aboard to talk about his new work, Crypto-Squad. Being well versed in both zombie literature and cryptozoology, the novel is a mashup of the two where a group of mythological beings come together to fight the oncoming zombie apocalypse.

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Episode 075 - Bits, Pieces, and Body Parts Volume 3

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