Episode 074 – Dexter Season Six

Episode 074 – Dexter Season Six

After six seasons, Dexter, the cable television show about a serial killer that works as a forensic investigator for the Miami Police Department, will have its seventh season premiere on September 30th. While having seen his wife get murdered and fighting the evil which he calls his dark passenger threaten his secret, Dexter Morgan and the adventures of his colleagues continued last season with more twists than expected.

In season six, Dexter’s sister Debra is promoted to Lieutenant to become suddenly the superior of her more senior colleagues such as Sergeant Batista. Lieutenant LaGuerta is promoted to Captain. But was it due to skill or more nefarious ways? Forensic Analyst Masuka brings in a group of interns where each may have secrets that may not be so beneficial to the police department. A new monster-of-the-season arc brings us the Doomsday Killers. But is the duo actually who they appear to be? And lastly there are two controversial story lines that end the season. One includes Debra and her treatment with a psychiatrist. The other includes the possibility that a major character may have discovered who Dexter really is.

Dark Discussions discusses the sixth season of the show to get everyone ready for the premiere of season seven. The various characters are discussed including some new additions as Jamie Batista, Angel Batista’s sister, as well as Brother Sam which results in Dexter’s re-evaluation of his serial killing ways. With a new and exciting season to begin, what better way to recap the story so far than discussing it with your co-hosts.

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Episode 074 - Dexter Season Six

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