Episode 073 – Neil Marshall Focus: 2005’s The Descent

Episode 073 – Neil Marshall Focus: 2005’s The Descent

Having already directed one of the most important werewolf films in the modern era of cinema, Neil Marshall, the English director, follows up his successful 2002 film Dog Soldiers with 2005’s The Descent. Arguably one of the best horror genre films in over twenty years, both as screenwriter and director, Neil Marshall takes a fairly common unoriginal idea of adventure seekers getting lost and turns it into a fresh and innovative concept.

With elements from such films as Deliverance, The Thing, and The Edge, Neil Marshall created a screenplay that consisted entirely of women. After the tragic death of our lead protagonist’s family, a group of friends bring Sarah to the rural sections of North Carolina to do spelunking/caving for an all-girl getaway. While on their adventure, hurtful back story is given between the women which illustrates that their friendships may not be what they really are. Cave-ins, betrayals, claustrophobia, and hidden intent only just touch the surface of the horror that awaits. With a big twist midway, the film turns from a survival story to a monster mash.

Five hosts come together to discuss the movie, their thoughts, and the impact the film has made in horror. Getting a limited release in the United States, the American cut had a different ending than the UK version which is now on disc. From critics wondering whether the film was pro-women or misogynistic to why producers thought different endings would work in different countries, Dark Discussions only touches the surface on one of the best horror films of the 21st century.

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Episode 073 - Neil Marshall Focus: 2005's The Descent

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